IAFEI Quarterly - 38th Issue

LETTER OF THE CHAIRMAN Dear Colleagues, After too longanabsence, the IAFEIWorldCongress returned to Brazil, and it was a definite success! I am very satisfied with the excellent organization, in such a prestigious location, which managed to reunite a very broad based participation of finance professionals and delegates from every corner of the world. The conference program was extremely interesting, thanks in particular, to the experience and prestige of the speakers involved. We also managed to dedicate some time and thoughts to the activities and developments of IAFEI itself. Our sincere gratitude goes to IBEF, to its board members and to its staff, for the tireless work done to ensure a perfect event in every aspect. We all left San Paolo with a smile on our faces, having experienced a marvellous occasion to meet old and new friends and colleagues in the most stimulating and easy-going context. In this number of IAFEI Quarterly, you will find a full synapsis of the event, with plenty of photographs capturing the spirit and the important moments we witnessed together. Next year, the IAFEI World Congress will be hosted in Morocco, and we are very pleased to see the availability and the enthusiasm of our colleagues of the local Institute, who have very recently joined our association, in getting involved and organizing everything towelcome us there. It is certainlyworth underlining that this means, that the IAFEI World Congress will return to Africa for the second time in three years. There couldn’t be a more eloquent way of demonstrating the dynamism and growth of the African continent, which we are proud to observe and encourage through our organization’s activities. During the Congress, all the statutory bodies of the IAFEI met for their periodic meetings. The Executive Committee was reconfirmed unchanged for 2018, and thus I will have the honour of chairing our wonderful institution for a third year. My very sincere thanks goes to all the Member Instituteswho chose to confirmtheir trust inmeand the team that works with me, and I am delighted to reconfirm to you my untiring enthusiasm and determination for the work needed, in the coming 12 months, to guide our association to a further development and growth. The programme and goals for the coming year is an ambitious one. We must renovate and modernize ourwebsite,increasetheusefulnessandincisiveness of our Technical Committees, grow on importance and influence at world level, deliver more value to our members, attract and affiliate more member institutes worldwide. There is certainly plenty of work to be done, and I count on the support and help of all our members to achieve rapidly our joint objectives. Onceagain, ahugevoteof thanksandappreciation, to all those who embrace the spirit of sacrifice and cooperation, in order to develop IAFEI, during the year leading up to our 50th anniversary in 2019!! What an achievement that will be to celebrate together the first half-century of our Association. Yours sincerely Fausto Cosi IAFEI Chairman 2