IAFEI Quarterly - 42nd Issue

LETTER OF THE CHAIRMAN Dear colleagues, weareapproachingthe48thIAFEIWorldCongress. This important Event, will be held this year in Ho Chi Minh City on the 15th and16th of November. I take this occasion to sincerely thank the Institutes of Vietnam and Japan that jointly organized the most important annual event of the association for the 2018. The theme of the Congress “Transforming Finance in the Digital Age” will offer the occasion for a comparison and an exchange of experiences on topics of great actuality such as, Cyber-security, Block-chain Technology, Artificial Intelligence, that are today at the first places in the agenda of the CFO’s of all companies around the world. The IAFEI World Congress , that returns in Asia after four years and for the first time in Vietnam, during the celebration for the 10th Anniversary of CFO Vietnam, will give the opportunity to the attendees, to analyze the growth of the Asian economy, that continuously leads the growth at the worldwide level, with higher rates of the ones of Europe and America. It will also focus the attention on the state of the global economy, unfortunately influenced, in this historical phase as well, by events and unfavorable political decisions for the international trade. On the preceding day of the Congress, the customary annual Board Meeting of IAFEI will take place, and among other items, will handle the nomination of the IAFEI’s Executive Committee for 2019. After a three year old fascinating experience, I will leave the Presidency of IAFEI and pass the leadership to the present Vice Chairman and colleague Eduardo Francisco from the Philippines. I take the opportunity, offered by this editorial, to thank all the Institutes members of IAFEI, for the cooperation and the trust given to me, and the colleagues of the Executive Committee, for the support they have granted to me in these three years. Rest assured that, I have undertaken a lot, I have done my best to bring my contribution of knowledge and experiences for the improvement IAFEI, yourassociation, thatnextyearwill celebrate its first 50th anniversary. I have certainly not succeeded in reaching all the objectives that you and I were looking for, but rest assured, I have tried my best. Long life to IAFEI!!! Fausto Cosi IAFEI Chairman 2|Page