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The rights issue you did place two years ago at a price of

52,00 €, but presently the market pays only a good 40,00

€ for your share.

On the one hand, one cannot view the share price

detached from the entire share market. On the other

hand, we also say, that the situation in the synthetic

rubber market can deteriorate again in the next 12 to

18 months. This is exactly the reason, why we want to

become less cyclical and wish to increase the quality of

the earnings. Thus, we want to get, over the medium

term, to another valuation of the share.

Lanxess did start well into the new business round. But

when lifting the forecast, you have at the same time

warned, that the development is not sustainable. Why?

In spite of the good development, which also continues

during the second quarter, we are standing before great

challenges in the synthetic rubber business. We have

overcapacities and price pressure. We expect, that the

pressure will once more get stronger in the second half

year, because new capacities will come into the market.

Accordingly, the analysts are expecting, that the earnings

in this business will go down somewhat in the second

half of the year. At our businesses the earnings should

however go up further.

About the Person

Sensibleness for Investors

Lax and settled appears Michael Pontzen at his first

interview as CFO of the chemical group Lanxess. Nothing

else, though, had to be expected, as the 46 year old

belongs since the “birth” of Lanxess to the base team

and thus knows the group perfectly well.

A home base game also for the man of numbers, the

professional career of whom always took place in the

financial function of the respective employer - apart

fromthe start of the career, when theMBA started in 1997

as assistant to the managing board at Ferrostahl. After

two years he changed over into the investors relations

department of the then still independent producer of

trucks, MAN. Again, two years later, he started to work for

EADS (today Airbus), where he became head of investor


When he got an offer into the same position in the city of

Leverkusen at the Lanxess Group, the man, engaged in

his family, could not resist to return to his home regional

area. But the manager, born in the lower Rhine river area,

was especially attracted, by bringing Lanxess, the spin off

of Bayer, and often defamed as the remainder portfolio,

to the stock exchange. As head of Investor Relations,

Pontzen was co-writing the equity story, which until today

is based on transparency. After that in 2008 he became

head of Corporate Finance. A year later he also became

head of Risk and Cash Management.

The interview was made by Annette Becker,

Börsen-Zeitung, Frankfurt am Main, Germany,

June 11, 2016.

Responsible for English translation: GEFIU,

the Association of Chief Financial Officers

Germany, translator: Helmut Schnabel