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Speech Munich | 01.07.2016

Dr Jens Weidmann President of the Deutsche Bundesbank

Hans Möller medal acceptance speech

at the annual meeting of the Munich Volkswirte Alumni-Club

1 Introductory remarks

2 Monetary policy and economic education

3 The principle of liability as a guide

4 Conclusions from the Brexit vote

5 Conclusion

1 Introductory remarks

Dear Mr Baader

Ladies and gentlemen

First of all, I would like to echo the words of welcome offered by our host and likewise

welcome you to the Bundesbank's Regional Office in Bavaria.

The fact that you are holding your annual meeting here at the Bundesbank for the third time

now after doing so in both 2012 and 2013 is a clear sign that you feel very much at home with

us. But as you know, we do offer you a suitable venue and I can assure you, Mr Baader, that

you didn't have to present me with this award to be able to hold your meeting here again.

Nevertheless, I am of course delighted to receive the Hans Möller medal and I would like to

express my sincere gratitude for this honour.

You outlined the reasons for your choice just now, and I value them as support for my efforts

to broaden my audience beyond narrow circles of relevant experts when discussing issues of

European integration and monetary policy. I also feel encouraged to continue promoting a

stability-oriented monetary union.

The fact that a club of economists is recognising my efforts to make economic issues

accessible to a wider public is very fitting given the words of Hans-Werner Sinn in his

farewell lecture - namely that economists must, first and foremost, serve the people.