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Dear Financial Executive,

You receive the IAFEI Quarterly XXXIII



This is another issueof the IAFEI Quarterly,

the electronic professional journal of

IAFEI, the International Association of

Financial Executives Institutes.

This journal, other than the IAFEI website,

is the internal ongoing information tool of

our association:

destined to reach the desk of each

financial executive,

or reach him, her otherwise,

at the discretion of the national IAFEI

member institutes.

This issue is the Third One under the

regime of the New Start far the IAFEI

Quarterly. This new start has been

backed up by the IAFEI Board of Directors

decision of October 13, 2015, to establish

an Editorial Board consisting of 10 IAFEI

representatives from all continents.

This issue has more articles from inside

IAFEI than before, and once more the

layout and the visual design have been

further improved by the Italian IAFEI

Member Institute ANDAF.

And this issue again has the more user

friendly format, introduced last summer.

From the table of contents you can now

directly click into every article, without

scrolling through the entire issue.

Once again:

I repeat our ongoing invitation, to all

IAFEI member institutes, and to each of

their members, to send us articles for

inclusion in future IAFEI Quarterlies, and

to also send to us your suggestions for



With best personal regards

Helmut Schnabel

Chief Editor